2.2 LID Planning Principles

The following key principles of LID planning provide a foundation for LID site design, construction, and long-term maintenance:
  • Preserving native vegetation.
  • Protecting critical areas.
  • Minimizing impervious surfaces.
  • Minimizing grading and compaction of site soils.
  • Preserving existing flow paths.
  • Infiltrating stormwater runoff.
  • Dispersing stormwater to vegetated facilities.
  • Utilizing naturalistic surface conveyance facilities.
  • Utilizing small-scale, distributed LID BMPs.

These principles should be evaluated at the beginning of the project and should be revisited during design iterations to provide for a comprehensive approach to LID site planning and design. Design of LID BMPs as described in Chapter 4 should integrate with and not replace application of these key principles.