Our Collaborative Partners

The Business Resource Program partners with businesses, agencies and non-profit organizations throughout Washington State to give you the best, newest, and most effective stormwater management assistance possible. We work collaboratively with these organizations to ensure that overlaps in service are minimized and resources are used to fill the gaps in water quality assistance.

Industrial Stormwater Community of Interest (ISCOI)

The Industrial Stormwater Community of Interest (ISCOI) was formed to combat this widespread problem. Our long-term goal is to improve water quality in the Puyallup River Watershed, starting in the Tacoma Tideflats and expanding into South Tacoma/Nalley Valley.The ISCOI is concerned with the business and personal aspects of industrial stormwater management, and has a vision of healthy water to support all of our region’s activities and ecosystems. Our current activities cover Tacoma’s industrial tide flats and the associated Superfund clean-up sites

The ISCOI aims to fill gaps in the services available to local businesses and communities by promoting stronger coordination between local governments, industries and neighborhoods. We will gather and share data about the needs, interests, and capabilities of area stakeholders.


ECOSS leads industry, small businesses, communities and government to practical and sustainable environmental solutions by providing education, technical assistance and access to resources. ECOSS offers a series of professional, comprehensive industrial stormwater management workshops tailored to help businesses meet their Industrial Stormwater General Permit (ISGP) requirements in Washington. Additionally, ECOSS has developed a series of stormwater training courses for Phase I and Phase II Municipal Stormwater Permit holders, geared towards Operations and Maintenance staff.  Learn more about their upcoming Industrial workshops and Municipal trainings.

Clean Boating Foundation (CBF)

This non-profit is your go-to organization for all things boatyards, stormwater runoff and water quality. Who says they don't mix? CBF has a proven track record of business advocacy and environmental stewardship that can't be beat.

The Boeing Company (Boeing)

This Northwest icon does a lot more than build airplanes. Their Global Corporate Citizenship Program provides funding worldwide in the areas of Education, Environment, Health and Human Services, Arts and Culture and Civic Engagement. The WSC is proud to partner with Boeing, whose one simple objective is: to make the world a better place.

Association of Washington Business (AWB)

This business advocacy organization played an instrumental role in developing the Washington Stormwater Center. They listened when businesses throughout the state expressed their need for non-regulatory, confidential stormwater management and permit assistance. AWB is Washington state’s premier advocate for the business community and is recognized as the state’s chamber of commerce and manufacturing and technology association.

Washington State Department of Ecology

The Department of Ecology's mission is to protect, preserve and enhance Washington’s environment, and to promote the wise management of our air, land and water for the benefit of current and future generations. Their continuing support allows us to provide technical assistance to businesses throughout the state that are struggling with stormwater regulations.

Resource Media

Resource Media is a nonprofit PR firm helping partners succeed in today’s dynamic media landscape. As our newest partner, they are helping the WSC develop and execute smart communications strategies.

Port of Vancouver, USA

The Port of Vancouver goes above and beyond stormwater compliance. Their efforts to protect the Columbia River and it's surrounding area is a continuing process. They are constantly trying new ways and new innovations to manage and clean their stormwater runoff.

Port of Seattle

As a leader in stormwater management and environmental stewardship, the Port of Seattle continues to impress with their innovative style and out of the box thinking. Their efforts go a long way to protect and enhance Puget Sound.