Environmental Guides and Handbooks

University of connecticut rain garden app

The University of Connecticut created a rain garden app to inform the public on how to install and maintain rain gardens and what the best plants are.This app is being expanded to include several other states, and Washington is one of them. Keep your eye on this app for new information tailored for the needs of Western Washington.

For more information, visit the University of Connecticut Rain Garden App Website.

green infrastructure retrofit guides

Credit Valley Conservation, located near Toronto, has developed green infrastructure retrofit guides for road rights-of-way, public and institutional lands, business properties, and residential lands. These guides can be found here: http://www.creditvalleyca.ca/low-impact-development/low-impact-development-support/stormwater-management-lid-guidance-documents/

They have also developed an accompanying construction guide: http://www.creditvalleyca.ca/low-impact-development/low-impact-development-support/stormwater-management-lid-guidance-documents/designers-guide-for-low-impact-development-construction-draft/