Aug. 30, 2018 SAVE THE DATE: Thursday, October 25, 2018 from 9:00 AM – Noon

Local Stormwater Monitoring Caucus Meeting

SAVE THE DATE: Thursday, October 25, 2018 from 9:00 AM – Noon
Local Stormwater Monitoring Caucus Meeting
Mark your calendars for this meeting!
In-Person: King County’s offices at 201 S. Jackson Street, Seattle WA 98104 in the King/Chinook conference room on the 6th floor
Via Phone: 1-206-263-8114; Conference ID 665805
Every 6 to 12 months we have a local jurisdiction stormwater monitoring caucus meeting, our last meeting was January 9, 2018. This is a meeting for stormwater staff and managers from all Puget Sound cities and counties that pay into the Stormwater Action Monitoring as required by the municipal stormwater NPDES permits. Information about the Stormwater Action Monitoring program is available here. These caucus meetings are intended to provide an opportunity for different jurisdictions to weigh in on stormwater monitoring recommendations considered by the Stormwater Work Group, guide local jurisdiction representatives in their participation in the Stormwater Work Group, and update/confirm representatives on the Stormwater Work Group and subgroups. The Stormwater Work Group is a caucus-based multi-stakeholder committee that makes recommendations to coordinate and improve stormwater monitoring in the Puget Sound region, information available here. One of the subcommittees, the Pooled Resources Oversight Committee, provides oversight of the expenditure of the pooled funds for stormwater monitoring.
Draft Agenda
· Discuss monitoring requirements in the draft stormwater permit (available here)
· Review draft comment letter from the Stormwater Work Group (will be sent out before this meeting)
· Select city/county representatives and alternates to the Stormwater Work Group
· Discuss future study topics for effectiveness and source ID studies
· Discuss future receiving water monitoring design ideas
· Other?
Please feel free to forward this to others that might be interested in attending. If you wish to be added or removed from this email list please let me know.
I hope to see you all there!