Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG)

The Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) consists of stormwater professionals from government agencies throughout Washington State, and the City of Portland, Oregon. The SAG represents organizations that will use, or permit the use of, stormwater treatment technologies. The SAG provided input and guidance to Ecology and the Washington Stormwater Center during the effort to get the TAPE program back up and running, and  provided expertise during the revision of the TAPE Guidance document. The members of the SAG will continue to provide direction to the TAPE program as it evolves in the future.

SAG members were selected in 2010 through efforts by the Department of Ecology, Washington Stormwater Center and its grant partners. Below is a list of the SAG members along with their affiliations.

 Dawn Anderson
 Pierce County
 David Batts
 King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks
 Russ Connole
 Spokane County, Engineering and Roads
 Dana de Leon
 City of Tacoma, Public Works, Environmental Services
 Kathleen Emmett
 Washington State Department of Ecology
 Anita Fichthorn
 Port of Tacoma
 Doug Hutchinson
 Seattle Public Utilities
 Mark Maurer
 Washington State Department of Transportation
 Chris May
 Kitsap County Public Works
 Dawn Uchiyama
 City of Portland, Bureau of Environmental Services

SAG Meeting Minutes
June 22, 2010
August 16, 2010