Engaging the public to address stormwater pollution that affects our lakes, streams, and Puget Sound is a huge task. It requires broad, regionally consistent and recognizable messaging across the Sound, as well as focused personal engagement with citizens at a local level.

STormwater Outreach for Regional Municipalities (STORM) is an independent coalition of over 80 Puget Sound Area cities and counties who work together to meet this challenge by ensuring that regional and local stormwater efforts are effective, consistent, and cost efficient.

STORM's Vision
People living and working in our communities will take actions that protect water quality within the Puget Sound basin. STORM's Mission To work together with regional partners to address polluted runoff by advancing broad-scale behavior change.

Prioritization Tool for Puget Sound Salmon Recovery & Stormwater Individual & Residential-Scale Best Management Practices.
A technical memorandum for the Puget Sound Partnership in collaboration with the STORM Coalition of Puget Sound Municipalities, Puget Sound Partnership Technical Report 2016-01, April 2016.

A Few Key Accomplishments:

  • The Annual STORM Symposium was a great success!  Please visit the internal STORM website to download presentations, review documents, and obtain meeting dates for 2015:
  • Created the Puget Sound Starts Here Campaign,the largest campaign in State history focused on raising awareness of personal actions that protect water quality in Puget Sound and the waters that drain to it. In two years, this campaign reached 1in 4 residents living near the Sound—a result that is considered remarkable by advertising industry standards.
  • Built Partnerships with the Puget Sound Partnership and their Education, Communication and Outreach Network (ECO Net) members, the Washington State Department of Ecology (DOE), the Seattle Mariners, Boeing, Futurewise, and numerous non-profits to more effectively and thoroughly distribute pollution prevention messages and actions.
  • Created the Don’t Drip and Drive Outreach Program, this 3 month pilot program to increase the likelihood that people fix vehicle oil leaks tested approximately 7,000 vehicles and repaired over 700 leaks in partnership with DOE, the City of Seattle, the Automotive Services Association (ASA) and the Boeing Company. The program will be expanded in 2014 with a Grant of Regional or Statewide Significance (GROSS grant) from DOE.
  • Helped Jurisdictions Effectively meet National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Outreach Mandates, by providing members with training opportunities, workshops, and symposiums, sharing expertise, leveraging time and resources and collectively applying for, and receiving, over $2 million in grants to support our efforts.

Interested in joining or working with STORM? Contact a core member near you:

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