4.2.7 Maintenance

Recommended maintenance of amended soils includes the following activities:
  • Plant and mulch areas immediately after amending and settling soil to stabilize site as soon as possible.
  • Protect amended areas from excessive foot traffic and equipment to prevent compaction and erosion.
  • Remove weeds as necessary or appropriate through manual removal, tilling and/or re-mulching.
  • Landscape management plans should continually renew organic levels through mulch-mowing (grasscycling) on turf areas, allowing leaf-fall to remain on beds, and/or replenishing mulch layers every 1-2 years.
  • Minimize or eliminate use of pesticides and fertilizers. Landscape management personnel should be trained to minimize chemical inputs, use non-toxic alternatives, and manage the landscape areas to minimize erosion, recognize soil and plant health problems, and optimize water storage and soil permeability.

See Appendix G: Maintenance of LID Facilities for additional maintenance guidelines for this BMP.