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Business Source Control & Inspection Program

Developing a source control program guidance manual and trainings to assist Western Washington Phase II permittees to implement new business inspection source control programs that comply with 2019-2024 NPDES Municipal Stormwater Permit requirements (S5.C.8).

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Business Inspection Program Report 2020

With the issuance of the 2019-2024 Western Washington Phase II Municipal Stormwater Permit, jurisdictions across the Puget Sound region are required to develop and implement a Source Control Program for Existing Development.

With the permit requirements in mind, the Business Inspection Group (BIG) conducted a survey to gain knowledge of existing business inspection programs across the region. This report provides detailed information to Western Washington Permittees by providing examples and best practices to address various elements of a business inspection program.

Appendix A and Appendix B are included in the Appendix section of the Business Inspection Program Report.

Appendix C: Public Education and Outreach Material and Resources contain samples (and links) of education and outreach materials developed by jurisdictions with source control programs.

Appendix D: Code and Code Enforcement Materials and Resources contain examples of documents or links to documents developed by jurisdictions for their source control programs.

Appendix E: Inventory Development and Updates Materials and Resources include the Phase I Inventory Development Checklist.

Appendix F: Inspection Protocol Materials and Resources contains sample documents developed by jurisdictions for their source control programs.

Appendix G: Program Management Materials and Resources contains the NPDES Phase I Municipal Stormwater Permit.

In this video, presented by Snohomish County Public Works, permittees will learn the basics of a Source Control Program including: authority to require BMPs at businesses, lessons learned while developing the business inventory list, the process of conducting a business inspection to observe BMP usage and ensure BMP effectiveness, and much more.


The Business Inspection Group (BIG) was interested in exploring data management software options. The BIG asked the Washington Stormwater Centers Municipal Program to coordinate software demos. The software demonstrations were organized and scheduled in July and August of 2020. The zoom demo recordings (for all but CityWorks), power points, and additional information is organized below for each demo.

The Washington Stormwater Center doesn’t endorse any of the software programs. The information is provided at the request of MS4 jurisdictions and to provide basic information.

CloudCompli Presenter: Aimee Grove, Account Executive [email protected]


Recorded Demonstration



Sample Inspection Sheet

CityWorks Presenter: Nick Hetrick, King County

[email protected]