Jun 22, 2011 New Shop Poster for the Automotive Industry

Developed through Ecology GROSS Grant funding, this stormwater education poster, aimed at the automotive industry, was focus group-tested to ensure a good delivery of the message. The layout of the poster makes it easy to be customized and used by jurisdictions around Washington State.

Kitsap County has been the lead on the grant that developed this poster. The project worked to develop a Stormwater Business Education Template and was funded by an Ecology GROSS Grant. Other participating jurisdictions include King County, Asotin County and the Cities of Everett and Vancouver.

The goals of the project were to identify and prioritize polluting business practices; use social marketing principles to develop appropriate materials for use statewide; test the developed materials with industry focus groups; distribute the materials to a pilot group; and then compare survey responses of the pilot group to those in a control group that did not receive the materials. The final report will be available on Ecology's website in July 2011.

If you plan to use the poster, please drop a quick e-mail to Pat Kirschbaum at Kitsap County Public Works, pkirschbaum@co.kitsap.wa.us, so she can track how many jurisdictions are using the poster. It is also available on Ecology's website at http://www.ecy.wa.gov/programs/wq/stormwater/municipal/public_outreach_resources.html.

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