Jul 20, 2011 Rainwater harvesting seminar attended by over 100 people

Over 100 people attended the rainwater harvesting technical seminar on June 23, 2011, co-sponsored by Washington Stormwater Center and CONTECH Construction Products. The half-day seminar started with some great presentations held at UW Tacoma campus, followed by a tour of the rainwater harvesting system and green roof at the Center for Urban Waters. If you couldn’t join us, links to the presentations are found below.

Greg Kowalsky (CONTECH) presented an interesting concept that I took away from the seminar. Greg discussed that traditionally the three areas of stormwater, potable water, and wastewater are often addressed separately within an organization. In other words, these three water management departments are often located in different offices with minimal overlap in their day-to-day work. However, as more sustainable projects become the norm – such as rainwater harvesting – these boundaries between departments are starting to blur. Check out Greg’s presentation for more about this. Do you have any examples how these three (or other) water management disciplines are starting to overlap in your organization?

June 23, 2011 rainwater harvesting technical seminar presentations

Current Status of Rainwater Harvesting Regulations in Washington State
Kurt Unger, PhD – Washington State Department of Ecology

Rainwater Harvesting Cisterns Design and Their Use in the City of Tacoma
David Nason – AHBL, and Jessica Knickerbocker – City of Tacoma

South Seattle Transfer Station Rainwater Harvesting Project
Becca Ochiltree – URS Corporation

CONTECH Rainwater Harvesting Solutions Overview
Greg Kowalsky – CONTECH UrbanGreen Product Manager

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