Nov 27, 2012 Eastern Washington LID Guidance Document: Draft Available Soon For Public Comment

NEW Eastern Washington LID Guidance Document 30% DRAFT to be released December 6th for public comment. Comments are encouraged by using a response template that will be available when the DRAFT is released. All public comments are due back to the Washington Stormwater Center by Wednesday 12 December.

The Water Quality Program of the Washington Department of Ecology (Ecology) has provided grant funding to Spokane County to coordinate the development of a Low Impact Development (LID) Guidance Manual for Eastern Washington (Manual)and an Eastern Washington LID resource internet site (Resource Site) with the Washington Stormwater Center and several partner Eastern Washington Phase II Municipal Stormwater Permittees (cities and counties). The Manual and Resource Site are intended to provide LID guidance to planners, engineers, architects, landscape designers, contractors, and the public. The Manual will provide guidance for site planning, design, performance, operation, inspection and maintenance of LID practices. The Resource Site will reflect the LID information developed and gathered throughout this project into an organized and structured internet site.

LID research and work has been developed for western Washington and the intention of this grant is to create a process and product to serve the many stormwater permittees that manage stormwater in Eastern Washington. The Manual and Resource Site will provide detailed LID options for Eastern Washington. The final Manual and Resource Site will provide comprehensive LID information available in both print and online formats. The LID Guidance Manual and Resource Site will be accessible to all Eastern Washington cities and counties, as well as the public.

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