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This list of stormwater-related events and workshops is compiled as a free service. Washington Stormwater Center does not promote, endorse, or otherwise recommend any of the companies, individuals, or organizations presented here.

Tuesday May 5, 2020

Remote Training from NWETC - Contaminant Vapor Migration and Intrusion - Tuesday, May 5 – Wednesday, May 6

This course provides an overview of the scientific, regulatory and technical aspects of the vapor intrusion exposure pathway. Topics include: screening sites, conducting field investigations, sampling techniques, exposure point calculations, the J... More

Thursday May 7, 2020

Free Webinar - Effective Public Outreach in Massachusetts MS4 Communities - Thursday, May 7 (11:00am - 12:30pm)

Raising public awareness about polluted stormwater runoff and encouraging actions to improve local water quality is a challenge faced by every community. In Massachusetts, a new small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit recently exp... More

Wednesday May 13, 2020

Remote Training from NWETC - Visualizing and Analyzing Environmental Data with R - Wednesday, May 13 – Thursday, May 14

Use R for manipulating, visualizing and analyzing your environmental data! This class is hands-on and taught using real-world environmental data sets. Great for anyone that conducts environmental monitoring, uses environmental data for research, m... More

Tuesday May 19, 2020

Remote Training from NWETC - Environmental Forensics-Site Characterization and Remediation - Tuesday, May 19 – Wednesday, May 20

Learn a wide array of analytical techniques to help you prepare the strongest case possible when presenting findings. Participants will be able to fingerprint a variety of contaminants and identify the source, the time of release, and other critic... More

Tuesday May 26, 2020

Remote Training from NWETC - CEQA / NEPA Integration - Tuesday, May 26 – Wednesday, May 27

Whether you work for a federal, state or local agency in California, are seeking a permit, grant, or approval from one of these agencies, or are otherwise interested in government decision-making, you need to know about NEPA and CEQA. This worksho... More