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This list of stormwater-related events and workshops is compiled as a free service. Washington Stormwater Center does not promote, endorse, or otherwise recommend any of the companies, individuals, or organizations presented here.

How to Successfully Create an Environmental Impact Bond: A Testimonial & An Opportunity - Friday, June 14 (8:00am - 9:00am)

Quantified Ventures and P3GreatLakes are hosting a webinar to provide deeper insights on the Environmental Impact Bond (EIB) process through the lens of a municipal leader who has successfully gone through the structuring of this type of outcomes-based financing. Mohamed Balla, CFO of Atlanta’s Department of Watershed Management in cooperation with Ben Cohen, Director at Quantified Ventures, will share an overview of how the deal came together, insights on the process, navigating stakeholders, and lessons learned.

The webinar will also briefly touch on a Request for Statement of Interest to create an EIB in the Great Lakes states.

Speakers include:

  • Ben Cohen, Director - Quantified Ventures
  • Mohamed Balla, CFO - City of Atlanta's Department of Watershed Management
  • Sanjiv Sinha, Ph.D., Vice President - Environmental Consulting & Technology, Inc., and Director – P3GreatLakes

Speakers will discuss:

  • Brief overview of Environmental Impact Bonds (EIBs)
  • Testimonial from Mohamed Balla on Atlanta’s EIB process, insights, and lessons to apply to future EIBs
  • RSI Overview and process from the P3GreatLakes

The webinar will include a 15-minute discussion period for questions from attendees.

To register, please visit https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/5748562749123862029.