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This list of stormwater-related events and workshops is compiled as a free service. Washington Stormwater Center does not promote, endorse, or otherwise recommend any of the companies, individuals, or organizations presented here.

Paid Webinar - The Pitfalls of Urban Hydrology Methods - Thursday, March 19

Urban hydrology is stormwater management’s dirty little secret. It has been estimated that one out of every three design plan submittals has significant errors in hydrology estimates but only one in twenty is caught.

The truth is: urban hydrology—including newer Green Infrastructure sizing approaches and even detailed modeling approaches—as commonly practiced, is an inexact science at best. We can just now make the same mistakes at near light speed! One old, experienced stormwater professor once said, "I love urban stormwater hydrology. No one can prove you’re wrong, only that you’re inconsistent."

As such, knowing the inner workings of the "black boxes," unstated assumptions, and limitations inherent in the urban stormwater hydrologic design methodologies that we commonly use (even within modern computer packages) is essential to ensuring proper application—but there are few places to get such information. This webinar is one of them.

With his unique humor, prolific speaker Andy Reese (PE, LEED AP, D.WRE) will "lay bare" the most popular urban stormwater hydrologic design methodologies, detailing their key elements, assumptions, and very common misuses/misapplications. He will show the most common ways designers "cheat" the system and the most overlooked errors. He will help to expose basic assumptions within our models and methods.

If you are a stormwater plans reviewer, compliance officer, design engineer, consultant manager, professor, or attorney, this course is for you!

Ready to open these "black boxes" for a more comprehensive understanding of your design tools? Join Forester University and Andy for the 2020 edition of this fan-favorite, live, educational webinar on Thursday, March 19!

Register now, and complete this course to earn a 1 PDH / 0.1 CEU certificate