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Category: Tools

WSC on YouTube

March 11, 2024

Did you know that the WSC has a YouTube channel with hundreds of videos covering all aspects of stormwater management and permitting in Washington state? The Washington Stormwater Center’s YouTube […]

Press Release

WSC Develops E&O Documents in Collaboration with Jurisdictions Statewide

November 15, 2023

The Washington Stormwater Center (WSC) has been actively collaborating with cities and counties from across Washington to enhance the management and quality of stormwater. These partnerships have been instrumental in […]

Industrial Permit
Permit Assistance

E&O Blog: Information & Opportunities – August 2023

August 08, 2023

In our Blog this month we are happy to feature work funded and shared by Kings County and Mary Rabourn. With Lori Kothe from Poo Gooder, they have developed a […]

Education & Outreach

New planning tool from the WRF

April 28, 2021

The Water Research Foundation (WRF) released the CLASIC tool, which utilizes a life cycle cost framework to support feasibility and planning of stormwater infrastructure. CLASIC helps stormwater professionals, community planners, and […]

Low Impact Development
Press Release

Searchable Database for NEP Projects

April 22, 2021

Looking for what stormwater projects are being put on the ground under EPA’s National Estuary Program? Look no further! The Washington Stormwater Center, as part of its role in the […]

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