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Inspectors check stockpile

Chapter 1: Background and Regulatory Requirements 

Chapter 1 of the Source Control (Business/Site) Inspection Program Guidance Manual (PDF) addresses the following topics: 

  • Project Background 
  • Purpose of Source Control 
  • Purpose of this Manual 
  • Definitions and Acronyms (“Program Dictionary”) 
  • Regulatory Requirements 
  • Manual Organization 

Source Control Online Resource Library (SCORL)  

Supplemental resources for Chapter 1 include: 

Resource  Author 
Municipal Stormwater Permits  Ecology 
Industrial Stormwater General Permit  Ecology 
Water Quality Individual Permits  Ecology 
Stormwater Management Manual for Western Washington  Ecology 
Stormwater Action Monitoring (SAM)  Ecology 
Pollution Prevention Assistance (PPA)  Ecology