Stormwater Climate Resiliency: Preparing for Climate Change

The climate is changing and these changes will impact stormwater management. A regional conversation is just starting...

Technical Memos from King County

This analysis is a "first-cut" at examining the sizing of stormwater infrastructure based on potential future precipitation scenarios.

King County is asking stormwater utilities in the regional that have modeling capacity to help with one part of this additional analysis and report findings back into the larger effort - a "many hands make light worl" approach. the "crowd sourcing" memo provides technical information on the type of modeling analysis needed. For more information on this effort, please contact Jeff Burkey, King County.

The Western Washington Stormwater Climate Resiliency Workshop October 2, 2019, Redmond City Hall

Workshop Agenda

Workshop Notes

Workshop Presentations

New Precipitation Projections for the Pacific Northwest

Guillaume Mauger, Research Scientist, UW Climate Impacts Group

Impacts of Rainfall Projections Designing King County Stormwater Facilities

Jeff Burkey, Hydrologist, King County

Report on a Conversation with NPDES Coordinators: Actions Needed to Address Climate Impacts

Peter Holte, Senior Environmental Planner, City of Redmond

Adapting Stormwater Management Practices to a Changing Climate

James Rufo Hall, Climate Science Advisor, City of Seattle

Developing Strategic Approaches to Stormwater Management in a Changing Climate

Lara Whitely Binder, Climate Preparedness Specialist, King County

If you are part of a municipality in Western Washington and would like to receive updates and announcements on stormwater climate change resiliency, please contact Peter Holte, City of Redmond.