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E&O Blog: Information and Opportunities – May 2023

The Don’t Drip and Drive web pages are back up and running! They have found a new home on the Washington Stormwater Center’s Education and Outreach page. You can find the page in the featured programs carousel on the Education & Outreach landing page.

If you have never heard of Don’t Drip and Drive, it is an educational, behavior change campaign developed to encourage people to fix the fluid leaks in their cars. The goal is to prevent the pollutants from those fluids from being carried away into our storm drains in the next rainstorm.

There is good information to assist in the Diagnosis of Leaks, in Preparing You to See a Mechanic, and in providing Preventative Tips. The English version is live and a Spanish-language version will join it soon. There is great information including a FAQ, toolkit, videos, and a contact for the program if you’d like to reach out for more assistance.

This program has exciting potential to develop further: agreements with your local auto shops to do the inspections, coupons to encourage participation, and incentives to help with any repairs. Those decisions can be made in your own jurisdiction. If you do so, please let us know and we will add your information to the page.

We encourage you to look at the many resources we are including on our new E&O page and we are here to assist you in meeting your E&O permit needs. Please send comments to Anne Melrose and enjoy the coming warm weather!