Funding can be secured through private donations, federal, state and local government agencies, as well as a broad range of private foundations. Federal grants are time consuming and involve a substantive number of forms but can provide substantial core funding for Green Infrastructure.

Corporations often establish foundations that reflect the company’s priorities and values, and a number of regional foundations can be excellent sources of LID and related green infrastructure funding. Philanthropy NW is a good source of regional fundraising strategies and resources.

Community Foundations provide funding, and sometimes related marketing and financial support, to organizations that are located within a specific community. Washington State has 26 community foundations.

Environmental Finance Centers
The Environmental Finance Center Grant Program provides funding to support Environmental Finance Centers (EFCs) that provide multi-media environmental finance expertise and outreach to the regulated communities. The EFCs work with state and tribal governments, local governments, and the private sector to address the growing costs of environmental protection. The EFCs provide finance-related training, education, and analytical studies to help these regulated parties develop solutions to the difficult "how-to-pay" issues associated with meeting environmental standards.

The EFCs educate state, tribal, and local governments and businesses on lowering environmental costs, increasing environmental investments, improving financial capacity, encouraging full cost pricing, and identifying and evaluating environmental financing options. A central goal of the EFCs is to create sustainable systems. Sustainable systems have the financial, technical, and institutional resources and capabilities to operate in compliance with environmental requirements and in conformance with accepted environmental practices over the long term. EFCs focus on helping smaller parties find ways to obtain financing for their environmental protection responsibilities.

Funding outside of Washington State
Frequently, information from another state, region, jurisdiction, or municipality is a great start on funding your own low impact development.
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