Operations and Maintenance
Operations and maintenance issues are frequently cited as the most pressing issues related to LID installations.

Permeable Pavements

Permeable Pavement Maintenance Plan, City of Puyallup

Presentations and Workshops
  • WSU & Puget Sound Partnership Permeable Pavement Workshop Operations and Maintenance for Porous Pavements (PDF)
  • WSU & Puget Sound Partnership Permeable Pavement LID Workshop Operations and Maintenance (PDF)

Guides and Manuals

EPA Videos

These videos were developed based on the trainings on the Western Washington LID O&M Guidance Document. The videos cover everything related to LID O&M from Municipal Stormwater Permit Requirements, to inspections and maintenance techniques for bioretention, permeable pavement, and vegetated roof BMPs/facilities. The training videos also discuss administrative tools for LID O&M for municipalities.

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