Rainwater Catchment

Rainwater Catchment removes the stormwater impact of impervious roof surfaces. Rainwater is collected from roofs and funneled into cisterns, where it is either filtered for home use, or for use in landscaping.

Part of the Statewide LID Training in 2015 highlighted one family's experience with the installation of a rainwater catchment cistern. They live in Carnation, WA and wanted an eco friendly (passive) house. After careful research, and with the prospect of a prohibitively expensive well, they installed a large cistern to provide water to the home. This flagship project is the first of its kind to be permitted in King County. It uses an impressive series of filters and safeguards to ensure that the water is always safe to drink.

Watch the video here.

Rainwater Catchment has made it into the news! In late 2015,  King 5 morning news reported about residential Rainwater Catchment Systems. King 5 interviewed Mike Broili, a featured presenter in the LID Technical Workshop Series and Statewide Training Program, on his home rainwater catchment system and design company, Living Systems Design.

Information from the Washington State Department of Ecology:
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