LID Research Facilities

At Washington State University Research and Extension Center, questions about different methods of Low Impact Development are being explored.

Permeable Pavement

In order to reduce the amount of surface water runoff into local streams, more and more permeable pavement parking lots and sidewalks are being installed. But how effective are they at reducing pollutants from stormwater? This facility studies the effect of permeable pavement on stormwater.

Rain Garden

Rain Gardens can be an attractive way to filter and help control stormwater runoff. But what plants works best? What is their effect on the soil? This facility tests the effects of different vegetative covers from grasses, to a mix of native, to none at all.


The most obvious feature of a well-designed rain garden is the lush growth of healthy, happy plants. But what about the soil? This facility tests different soil mixes under controlled conditions to determine which mix works best in filtering pollutants from stormwater runoff.