Managing Fecal Coliform In Stormwater Runoff: Science And Solutions To Regulatory Challenges - Thursday, October 20, 2011 (8:00am - 4:00pm)

Sponsored by: The Boeing Company; Weyerhaeuser; Herrera Environmental; Kennedy/Jenks; Wright Water Engineers; Geosyntec; University of California-Irvine

Washington Stormwater Center and our sponsors invited businesses and local governments to attend this free workshop in October 2011 on fecal coliform bacteria in stormwater runoff: what it is; why it’s so different; how to sample; Best Management Practices in use; and regulations for discharge into waters already polluted with fecal coliform bacteria. Morning speakers will give an overview of current science and procedural and technological solutions to deal with this problem. Afternoon sessions will provide a case study example of local government work and an explanation of legal implications. Breakout sessions will follow for open discussion and dialogue.

Archival Materials

Conference Speakers (PDF)

Presentations (PDF and Video)

Betty Olson: Fecal Coliform: What is it?


Rob Zisette: Fecal Coliform Sampling and Monitoring


Larry Leong: Active Source Control


Jon Jones / Eric Strecker: The Ability to Remove Pathogens: Results from the International BMP Database


Brandon Steets: Implementation Options and Case Studies for Addressing Bacteria Limits


Doug Navetski: King County: A case study on policy and science related to Fecal Coliform

Allison Geiselbrecht: Regulatory Synopsis: Overview of Washington NPDES Permit Requirements