Manual Organization

This Manual consists of 4 chapters. Chapter 1 (Introduction) sets the context for the LID approach with an introduction to eastern Washington climate and hydrology and the effects of urban development on water resources. Chapter 1 also establishes the goals and objectives for LID in the context of the reissued Eastern Washington Phase II NPDES Municipal Stormwater General Permit.

Chapter 2 (Planning for LID) describes the LID planning principles, site analysis, site inspection, and composite map that form the foundation for an LID design. Chapter 3 (Designing for LID) builds on the planning and site map development and provides guidance for site design. Chapter 4 (LID BMPs) provides design guidance describing the use, applications and limitations, design factors, maintenance, and construction considerations associated with the design of the following BMPs:
  • Amending construction site soils.
  • Dispersion.
  • Bioretention, infiltration planters and flow-through planters.
  • Trees.
  • Permeable pavement.
  • Vegetated roofs.
  • Minimal excavation foundations.
  • Rain water harvesting.

Appendices include: