Want to start Dump Smart in your municipality?


Dump Smart – It’s Not Just Water is here to help companies understand how to properly dispose of waste water resulting from their business practices. 

The Washington Stormwater Center will update the list of businesses on the Dump Smart website as they complete the online registration form, and survey participating businesses to evaluate program effectiveness and renew their pledge to “Dump Smart.”

These materials are available to Washington municipalities, so you can reach mobile businesses and implement Dump Smart programs in your own jurisdictions. You are welcome to modify the letters, if you like. The Washington Stormwater Center can manage the list of businesses on the Dump Smart website and send online surveys to businesses that pledge to “Dump Smart.”

Materials for Municipalities

If you are a business interested in learning more about the program, please visit the Dump Smart Business webpage here.

Please contact Lisa Rozmyn at lisa.rozmyn@wsu.edu to learn more.