2014 Full Day Presentations

Presentations are an integral part of every conference. At the Inaugural Washington State Municipal Stormwater Conference, we are pleased to be able to provide most of the conference materials to the public.

YouTube Channel

Most of the presentations were filmed. Each video is posted with its conference materials as well as in the Stormwater Channel's Washington State Municipal Conference channel.

Lunch Presentation

This panel discussion was held during lunch on the second day of the conference. As attendees enjoyed their meal, recommendations for improving water quality assessment and TMDL (Total Maximum Daily Load) programs in Washington State were discussed.

Powerpoint slides (PDF format, 1 slide and 3 slides, zip format 1 slide and 3 slides per page)

Supplemental material
(PDF format: Recommendations for Improving Water Quality Assessment and TMDL Programs in Washington State)

Track One: "Big Picture" Stormwater

Stormwater is rarely a local issue. In this track, the watershed and regional aspects of stormwater management and permit requirements was examined. Through partnerships and research, municipalities learned from the permitting process and observations of local processes.

Track Two: Stormwater Program Efficiencies Now

Stormwater can be a complex and involved topic. In this track, real world examples and methods for integrating public education and outreach, inspections, efficiencies, and spill reporting were highlighted.

Track Three: Stormwater Research and News

In this ever-changing and dynamic field, new research can have a profound affect on stormwater management, education  and outreach, and testing.