Poster Presentations

Posters are a fast and informative method of showing large amounts of information in an interesting manner. At the Washington State Municipal Stormwater Conference, there were several poster presentations for attendees to view at their leisure. These posters were available during the entire conference, and are linked here as pdfs.

Rain Garden Maintenance Guides and Support From WSU Master Gardeners
Presented by: Aaron D. Clark, PhD

Fighting Phosphorus in Stormwater Using Low Cost Non-Proprietary Media

Presented by: Brian Hite

Mining Sixty Years of Flow Data from Bellevue's Kelsey Creek
Presented by: Bobb Nolan

Tracing Sources of Pollutants to MS4 Discharging to Portland Harbor
Presented by: Linda Scheffler & Karen Demsey

Kitsap County Green Sweep Program
Presented by: Mauro Heine

Stormwater Mapping Tools

Presented by: Mark Preszler

Why Implement a Local Watershed Health Monitoring Program?

Presented by: Renee Scherdnik