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E&O Blog: Information and Opportunities – April 2023

April 12, 2023

1) Developing a Strategic Social Marketing Plan 12-week course, iSMA Professional Online Certificate of Completion. The class will run from October 2-December 23, 2023, and will be taught by Nancy […]

Education & Outreach

Stormwater Strategic Initiative Lead Request for Proposals Funded by EPA Geographic Funds

March 02, 2023

The Stormwater Strategic Initiative Lead Team (SIL) is pleased to announce the release of three separate RFPs related to stormwater. The Washington Stormwater Center, which manages the Stormwater Advisory Team […]

Press Release

E&O Effort Aims to Mobilize Volunteers Against Invasive Species

February 13, 2023

In the past few years, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, tribal co-managers, and partners have identified an explosion of invasive European green crabs (Carcinus maenas) in the Salish […]

Education & Outreach

REPOST: Dr. Jen McIntyre Forbes Interview: 6PPD-Quinone

January 30, 2023

Recently, our own Dr. Jen McIntyre was interviewed by Forbes magazine for her work detailing the effects on coho salmon of 6PPD-quinone, the toxic chemical formed when a common rubber preservative […]

Press Release
stormwater park

Stormwater Parks Guidance Manual Guidance Released

January 24, 2023

The Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) just released its Stormwater Park Guidance Manual. Stormwater Parks are engineered spaces that allow stormwater to infiltrate and often provide the additional benefits of […]

Puget Sound Initiative
Puget Sound Recovery

Optimizing Green Stormwater Infrastructure Placement- South Puget Sound

Please join Dr. Joan Wu and Dr. Ani Jayakaran from WSU Extension and the Washington Stormwater Center to discuss methods for optimizing GSI Placement in South Puget Sound (the lower Puyallup Watershed) 



Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI, e.g., bioretention systems, rain gardens, and permeable pavements) within urbanizing landscapes provides ecosystem services far beyond stormwater management alone. This project will develop a testable method for locating and selecting GSI based on hydrological controls. What we’re doing Characterize attitudes in the Puyallup region towards GSI via previous survey analysis. Develop a scalable, landscape-level method for locating and selecting GSI.

If you have any additional questions or have trouble joining contact Heidi Siegelbaum

Important Note: Both internal and external WSU meeting attendees must be signed into Zoom to join the meeting.

Please refer to this guide on Joining WSU Zoom Meetings before trying to join:

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Meeting ID: 994 4516 4441

Biochar and Fungi Present Exciting Bioretention Possibilities

December 06, 2022

A recent paper published by our own Chelsea Mitchell, Dr. Anand Jayakaran, and Dr. Jennifer McIntyre examines the stormwater mitigation effects achieved through the utilization of biochar and fungi amendments. […]

Low Impact Development
Secluded road

Local Road Stormwater Retrofit RFP Out- due November 9th

October 04, 2022

The Stormwater Strategic Initiative Lead Team (SIL) just announced its first RFP for local road stormwater retrofits. This work, a collaboration between Ecology, Commerce, and the Washington Stormwater Center has […]

Press Release
Puget Sound Recovery

REPOST: Adopt-a-Drain Seattle Celebrates One Year

October 04, 2022

The Washington Stormwater Center joined with communities around Puget Sound to get volunteers to keep stormwater drains clear of pollutants and debris. The Adopt-A-Drain program, launched a year ago Saturday, already has […]

Press Release

REPOST: Congeneric Sockeye Show Uncommon Resistance to Runoff

August 25, 2022

Study Abstract The sensitivity of closely related Pacific salmon and steelhead (Oncorhynchus spp.) to untreated urban stormwater runoff was compared across three storm events. Juvenile coho, sockeye, steelhead, and Chinook […]