Aug. 23, 2016 Water Advocates

An Important Call to Action: Increase funding for water infrastructure

Important Call-to-Action

Featured on the Water Advocates website are two calls-to-action on significant bills currently pending in Congress. WEF is urging you to use the easy on-line “Write your Congressman” tool on the website to electronically submit the pre-drafted letters to your Senators and Representatives. The tool gives you the flexibility to edit/add to the draft letter. The tool will identify your Members of Congress and uses the official Congressional correspondence process so your email will not get marked as spam.

The first call-to-action letter is urging the House and Senate to increase funding for water infrastructure in the FY 2017 appropriations bills. The draft letter asks Congress to fund the Clean Water and Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Programs at $2 billion each, which is the amount called for in a joint water associations letter to Congress earlier this year. The benefits of a funding increase for the SRF programs were recently detailed in a new report by WEF and the WateReuse Association that found that for every $1 million in SRF funding, $930,000 is returned to the federal treasury in tax revenues, 16.5 high-paying jobs are created, and $2.95 million in economic growth is generated in the U.S. economy. A link to the report is included in the draft letters for Members of Congress to access.

The second call-to-action letter urges the Senate to pass the Water Resources Development Act of 2016 (WRDA). The Senate version of the WRDA bill includes a number of important policy and funding provisions that will benefit water infrastructure investment. The bill was passed out of committee earlier this year, but it now needs to go to the Senate floor. The draft letter asks your Senator to urge Senate Majority Leader McConnell to bring the WRDA bill to the floor and pass it with the water infrastructure provisions.