Aug. 31, 2016 Mapistry

How to Sample Sheet Flow (with Video)

How to Sample Sheet Flow (with Video)

If you are collecting samples from sheet flow across a site, it can be quite tricky (and might be the cause of your headaches). However, remain calm and read on. This is a good video on sampling stormwater sheet flow from Minnesota on how to create a dam and collect a stormwater sample. The creation of a temporary dam should make it a lot easier. Maybe most importantly, a temporary dam will minimize the potential for samplers to scrap the bottom and make your sample worse than it is (We see this a lot).

For more on all things sampling, including guides from the EPA and California, videos from other states, check out Mapistry's sampling permit tips.

Tip #1: Use sand bags or rock socks/wattle covered in clean plastic trash bags to make the temporary dam.

Tip #2: If you are sampling for O&G you should not use a plastic container to collect the sample (in the video they use a plastic bag). Instead you should collect your industrial stormwater sample in the glass (amber) container supplied by the laboratory.

Tip #3: Use the containers the lab sent you to collect each sample in. For example, the 500-mL poly should capture the TSS sample directly. Same goes for using the 1-L amber glass bottle with preservative for grabbing a sample for O&G.