Dec. 7, 2012 New research at the Washington Stormwater Center looking at the effects of stormwater runoff on fish and their food web

As part of the Low Impact Development (LID) research now underway at the Washington State University (WSU) Puyallup Research and Extension site, a science team, led by Jenifer McIntyre, is exploring the use of LID soils and plants to filter stormwater runoff.  The team is a joint collaboration between WSU, the US Department of Fish and Wildlife, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency.  Dr. McIntyre is a postdoctoral research associate at WSU Puyallup.
An initial report on the project was given at the 2012 WSU LID Research Program Annual Review.  When finished, results of this study will be disseminated to the scientific community and the public through a series of reports, peer-reviewed papers, the Washington Stormwater Center web site, and LID annual reviews held at WSU Puyallup. The results will give valuable data on the effectiveness of the most widely used LID technique (bioretention) to improve water quality and protecting receiving waters.
In a report by Oregon Public Broadcasting on October 17,2012, the work at the Washington Stormwater Center was highlighted in an interview with Dr. McIntyre. The article and associated video story can be found at: