Jul. 6, 2017 US EPA Green Infrastructure Team

Call for Presentations - Workshop on Stormwater Management Influences on Groundwater Quality

The National Groundwater Association is sponsoring a one-day workshop, November 14th 2017 in Kansas City entitled, Stormwater Management Influences on Groundwater Quality.

Federal, state, and local governments currently focus on stormwater in the context of minimizing the impact to surface waters through groundwater infiltration. However, very little attention has been given to the impacts of stormwater management on groundwater quality. Each region of the nation is currently experiencing one or more of three major factors related to the groundwater quality issue. This workshop will focus on these major topics:

  • Overall vulnerability of groundwater under current stormwater regulations
  • Desire to keep stormwater “local”/water rights
  • Subsurface treatment capability of shallow groundwater.

The workshop will consist of an opening presentation framing the issue, a mix of eight invited and solicited presentations, discussion group breakouts, and a reporting session on specific strategies to address stormwater management effects on groundwater quality. In addition, the keynote address will be presented by Tom Ballestero, Ph.D.

Click the “call for presentations” menu tab here:  to learn more about invited presentations and submit yours today. Submissions due by July 16th, 2017