Jul. 7, 2017 NPDES News

MS4 permit writers and stormwater aficionados - Check this out!

MS4 permit writers and stormwater aficionados - Check this out!

Do you want to know which Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permits have provisions for pesticides, metals, mercury, pH, temperature, oil and grease, trash, DDT, PCBs, marine debris, acid mine drainage, nutrients, sediment, pathogens, dissolved oxygen, or chloride? EPA has released a new compendium of MS4 permits that include water quality-based requirements for specific pollutant parameters that are consistent with approved Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) and protecting designated uses.

EPA reviewed existing state and EPA permits and identified different ways of implementing TMDLs through quantitative requirements or pollutant-specific management measures, or a combination of both. EPA gleaned examples of how permitting authorities measured progress of implementation of water quality-based requirements through review and approval of implementation plans, monitoring/modeling, and reporting requirements. EPA also include examples of water quality-based requirements related to discharges to impaired waters without approved TMDLs.

This compendium is third in the MS4 Permit Compendium series. These compendia feature examples from existing MS4 permits of clear, specific and measurable requirements:

Part 1: Six Minimum Control Measure Provisions

Part 2: Post Construction Standards

Part 3: Water Quality-Based Requirements

Check out the new compendium for examples of how these pollutants are addressed in MS4 permits!