Jul. 13, 2017 Ecology

Update on the Phase I and Western WA Phase II Municipal Stormwater Permits schedule

The Washington Department of Ecology (Ecology) has an update on the reissuance schedule for the Phase I and Western Washington Phase II Municipal Stormwater Permits (Permits).

After careful consideration of many factors, we have decided to extend the current (2013-2018) Western Washington Permits for one year. The Permits will reissue on July 1, 2019, and become effective on August 1, 2019.

· The extension will allow us to consider information from ongoing research on effectiveness of stormwater management actions, as well as conduct a review of submittals on permit requirements that are due late in the current permit cycle.

· The extension will allow for more time to engage with the public and stakeholders during the process of permit development.

· Extending our permit cycle will allow us to reissue the Western and Eastern Municipal Stormwater Permits at the same time, ensuring an inclusive process for the whole State.

Although we will be reissuing the Permits in 2019, work to reissue will not stop. We have already received constructive input on recommendations to improve and clarify the Permits from stakeholders. We will continue to work with interested parties and the public throughout the extension to craft permit language that is attainable and protective of water quality.

We will provide preliminary draft permit sections for informal comment later this summer.

In accordance with WAC 173-226-220(3), the current (2013-2018) Permits will remain in effect during the extension for all permittees who reapply on-time. The permit requirements, including the regional monitoring program, must continue to be implemented in accordance with the permit. Permittees will receive guidance on the submittal schedule in effect during the extension.

The current permits expire July 31, 2018. For existing permittees, the Duty to Reapply (Notice of Intent) must be received by February 1, 2018 - even with the reissuance date change. Additional information about Duty to Reapply, as well as the form, will be provided to Permittees well in advance of the Feb 1, 2018 due date.

The webpage for Permit reissuance will be updated soon. Check for additional information at:

Questions? Contact Abbey Stockwell at or 360-407-7221