Oct. 16, 2018 Updated Green Roof Resources


Check out the newly sprouted webpage, Using Green Roofs to Reduce Heat Islands! The Heat Island Reduction Program recently enhanced the green roofs webpage to include new research, information on the co-benefits and costs of green roofs, and the difference between green roofs and cool roofs. The page also has updated graphics and a photo gallery of projects.

EPA is also excited to introduce a new case study demonstrating the environmental and health benefits of green roofs in Kansas City, Missouri, Estimating the Environmental Effects of Green Roofs. The case study lays out a replicable analytical framework that state and local decision makers can use to assess the multiple benefits of green roofs, including stormwater runoff reductions and public health improvements.

The U.S. EPA's Heat Island Reduction Program works with local officials, community groups, researchers, and other stakeholders to identify opportunities to implement heat island reduction programs and policies that create comfortable and sustainable communities. Subscribe to the Heat Island Newsletter.