May. 15, 2019 EPA Performance Partnership Agreement

Open for Public Comment

A 30-day public comment period is now open on the Environmental Performance Partnership Agreement between the EPA and Ecology.

The public comment period ends on Friday, June 7.

Ecology and the EPA share responsibility to meet environmental and related public health priorities of Washington state in the areas of water, waste, and air. The Environmental Performance Partnership Agreement establishes and implements a joint work plan for administering approximately $17.8 million in federal grant dollars that EPA provides to Ecology for air quality, water quality, and hazardous waste management.

· The purpose of this agreement is to:

· Recognize mutual environmental goals, strategies, activities, and performance measures.

· Re-commit to maintain a core level of environmental protection for all of Washington’s residents in a manner that supports and advances environmental justice.

· Use indicators that reflect environmental conditions, trends, and results to measure environmental progress.

· Collaborate on opportunities to advance children’s health.

· Re-commit to collaborate with tribal partners and other states.

How to comment

The fastest and easiest way to comment is through our Online Comment Form.

A final report with all of the comments will be published after the comment period ends.

More information

Find out more at our Partnering with the Environmental Protection Agency webpage.

For questions or information in another language please contact Ken Zarker at 360-407-6724 (interpreter available).

To request materials in an alternate format, visit, or call Ecology at 360-407-6831, Relay Service 711, or TTY 877-833-6341.