Sep. 5, 2019 Tribal NPS Highlights Report (EPA pub)

Just released

Under Clean Water Act Section 319, EPA currently works with 203 tribes and intertribal consortia managing NPS programs. These tribes are eligible to receive Section 319 grants to manage their NPS programs and implement on-the-ground BMPs to protect and restore water quality. Today, tribal NPS programs are responsible for managing polluted runoff on more than 89,000 square miles across the United States.

This new report highlights tribal efforts and accomplishments managing NPS pollution. The report describes the role Section 319 grants play in supporting tribal NPS programs and is organized into six themes that illustrate the diverse work across the 203 tribes currently managing NPS programs. In total, 19 tribes are featured throughout the report in spotlights of projects and staff contributing to tribal NPS successes. The report can be found at, alongside the EPA’s 2016 National NPS Program Highlights Report.