Sep. 10, 2019 Call for Abstracts

National Stormwater Symposium

Share Your Expertise at the National Stormwater Symposium 2020

Call for Abstracts Deadline: Oct. 3
Abstracts, session proposals, and workshop proposals are being solicited for the following topics:
  • Funding and Financing (e.g., Rate Structures, Stormwater Utilities, User Fees, Incentives, Public/Private Partnerships, Environmental Impact Bonds, Stormwater/Pollutant Credit Trading)
  • Program Development,
    Management, Planning and Analysis
    (e.g., Life Cycle Cost/Benefit Studies, Economic Assessment, Integrated Solutions, Industrial Stormwater, Modeling, MS4 and TMDL Compliance)
  • Training and Education (e.g., Community Engagement, Certification Programs, Technical Resources and Guidelines, Interdepartmental/ Interagency Collaboration)
  • Innovation/Technology (e.g., Real-Time Controls, Emerging Technologies, Integrated Systems, Innovative Design)
  • Post-Construction Control Measures (e.g., Stormwater Control Measures, Design Approaches, Green Infrastructure, Integrated Infrastucture)
  • Construction, Inspection and Maintenance (e.g., Legal Frameworks, Construction Methods, Obstacles and Solutions, Monitoring, Asset Management)
  • Resiliency/Sustainability (e.g. Urban/Suburban Flooding, Coastal Flooding, Climate, Extreme Weather, Hydromodification Challenges/Solutions, Urban Heat Island)
  • Regulation and Policy (e.g. Watershed Planning, NPDES, Integrated Planning, Affordability)
  • Case Studies