Sep. 25, 2019 Western Washington Hydrology Model

Update Available

Ecology has updated the Western Washington Hydrology Model (WWHM2012). Visit the website to get the latest version of the model and the full release notes that describe what has been modified. In this September update, people must download and install only the WWHM2012 Version 4.2.17 file.

Version 4.2.17 addresses the following issues:

  1. Windows 10 updates could have possibly reset permissions for the WWHM2012 during installation. This issue has been resolved however a re-install with administrator permissions may be required.
  2. The rainfall gage name in Pierce County has been added to the report.
  3. Designating a Lateral Basin element as a POC while at the same time another element in the project was being designated as same POC. Now the lateral basin can be connected to a POC.
  4. There was a problem connecting a Lateral Basin element to a downstream element that was designated as a POC.
  5. The percent volume infiltrated for the CAVFS element could be reported incorrectly.