Nov. 27, 2019 EPA's Quality Assurance Handbook


Please join the National Water Quality Monitoring Council on Tuesday December 10 from 2pm-3pm EST for a webinar on the Environmental Protection Agency’s updated Quality Assurance handbook. Pre-registration is required.

The webinar is recorded. If you are interested in the topic but cannot join live, register anyway. All registrants receive a link a pdf of the presentation as well as the webinar video on YouTube. You can always check back on the Council’s webinar page for historic webinars.


Citizen Science Quality Assurance and Documentation: An introduction to EPA’s New QA Handbook

Presented by:

  • Nora Conlon, PhD QA Chemist, Quality Assurance Branch, EPA New England – Region 1
  • Jay Benforado, Chief Innovation Officer, EPA Office of Research and Development

Webinar Description:

This session will provide a brief update on citizen science at the Environmental Protection Agency and training on the new EPA handbook on quality assurance and documentation for citizen science projects. With the advent of new technologies for environmental monitoring and tools for sharing information, volunteers are more and more engaged in collecting environmental data, and many environmental agencies are using these data. A major challenge, however, is that data users -- such as federal, state, tribal and local government agencies -- are sometimes skeptical about the quality of the data collected by citizen science organizations. One of the keys to breaking down this barrier is a Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP).

This Handbook for Citizen Science Quality Assurance and Documentation is for organizations that are starting or growing a citizen science project, and where transparency in the scientific methods for collecting the data are central to the outcome of the project. The Handbook has two companion documents, Examples and Templates.