Sep. 15, 2020 Informational Webinar

Developing a New Salmon Spawning Habitat Rule

Public webinar on the Salmon Spawning Habitat Protection Rule

We invite you to a webinar introducing the Salmon Spawning Habitat Protection Rule. In December 2019, we announced we were beginning rulemaking for the Salmon Spawning Habitat Protection rule to revise the surface water quality standards, in Chapter 173-201A WAC. We are now continuing with our work. In this rulemaking, we are considering changes to the freshwater dissolved oxygen criteria and creating new fine sediment criteria. The purpose of this presentation is to provide background information on the rule and discuss our process for rule development.

We will cover the following topics during this webinar:

· Overview of Washington’s surface water quality standards

· The science behind this rulemaking

· The current freshwater dissolved oxygen and narrative criteria

· Reasons for revising the water quality standards

· Preliminary options and considerations for criteria development

· Formation of a science advisory group

· Considerations for implementing the rule

· A tentative rulemaking timeline

When is this happening?

Thursday, October 8, 2020, 2 pm

Register for the webinar

The webinar will last approximately 1.5 hours, including time for questions.

Tips for attending the webinar

· If you can, please register in advance using the registration web link. This helps make sure you get any software updates taken care of that might be needed for you to attend.

· We recommend you use the Google Chrome browser when signing in.

· Plan to join us about 15 minutes or so before the event beings, around 1:45 p.m.

· If you have any trouble accessing the webinar, please email Marla Koberstein, at

For more information on this rulemaking, visit the Salmon Spawning Habitat Protection rulemaking page, read our blog post, or email