Jul. 29, 2015 New classes from ECOSS!

ECOSS is excited to share their new class line up with you, the industrial stormwater general permit crowd! We have taken your feedback and created two new 2-day classes

ECOSS is excited to share their new class line up with you, the industrial stormwater general permit crowd!  We have taken your feedback and created two new 2-day classes:

·         101X Fundamentals of Stormwater Management: What Your Business Needs to Succeed

·         201X Advanced Stormwater Management: A Case Studies Approach

These 2-day workshops will provide you with hands-on field activities and discussions (101X), and site tours of BMP treatment technologies and opportunities to ask questions of the consultants that installed them (201X).  There will be limited space in all these classes, so sign up early!

Are you struggling to meet benchmarks?  Are you new to stormwater and struggling with how it all works?  Have you hit Level 2 or 3 and wondering what to do next?  ECOSS’ 2015 Industrial Stormwater Management Workshops can provide solutions!

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These professional workshops provide you with ideas for stormwater BMPs and sampling techniques to help you meet your permit requirements, and allow you to ask the tough questions in a totally confidential format.   ECOSS partners with industry experts who have provided top-notch professionally presented workshops for over ten years.  With more than 40 years of experience in the stormwater industry among them, these knowledgeable ECOSS staff and industry consultants can help you meet compliance standards for your NPDES permits. 

Here’s ECOSS’s 2015 industrial stormwater management workshop offerings:

We’ve added some more workshops for 2015 to extend our reach this year:






Fundamentals (101)

August 21

8 am - 4 pm



Fundamentals (101X) – 2 day

Sept 23 & 24

8 am - 4 pm








Advanced (201X) – 2 day

Oct 22 & 23

9 am – 4 pm








Fundamentals (101X) – 2 day

Nov 4 & 5

8 am - 4 pm



*Early Bird Pricing up until 2 weeks prior to each workshop. Second price listed is full price.






 Information on Advanced Topics


101 – The Program

What do I need to do to be in compliance with the 2015 ISGP?

This course takes the requirements of the 2015 permit and provides guidance regarding the fundamental considerations that any ISGP program should have. This workshop clearly communicates what you will need to consider in terms of level of effort, decision making, and strategy to implement a cost effective and compliant program at your facility. It is recommended that you attend this course prior to attending the 201.


101X – The Program with Field Exercises

This class is the same content as the 101, with more time spent on the details and a few case studies, as well.  The second day offers a field exercise of walking around the facility and doing a stormwater inspection and sampling activities. More hands-on opportunities with BMPs and sampling techniques provided.

201X – The Solutions with Site Visits

This course is the same content as the 201, however on the second day, we will have technology specific presentations and site visits to at least 5 facilities to see BMP treatment technologies applied in person.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about our upcoming workshops!


All the best

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Sustainable Business Associate


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