Dec. 9, 2015 Puget Sound Partnership News

Seattle celebrates First RainWise Mosque

Preventing pollution from stormwater runoff is one of the three strategic initiatives that guide Puget Sound recovery work. On Nov. 20, Alnoor Mosque, Hope Academy and ECOSS celebrated the addition of two rain gardens and four cisterns that will divert rainwater from the mosque's large roof, keeping it out of Seattle's combined storm system and benefitting water quality downstream. Rain gardens are bowl-shaped gardens filled with spongy soil and hearty plants, designed to capture rainwater and clean it before it enters local waterways or groundwater. Cisterns are large barrels that collect roof water, reduce runoff, and harvest water that can be used for watering in the summer. RainWise is a partnership program of Seattle Public Utilities and King County that offers rebates to property owners for rain gardens and cisterns that help to reduce polluted runoff and combined sewer overflows. To learn more visit