Dec. 18, 2015 Eyes over Puget Sound

December 14 EOPS has been posted

Surface condition report “December 14, 2015” is now available.

What you will find:
As coastal and regional conditions gradually normalize in response to a fading Blob and increased rain, the big question remains. Will the snow in the mountains stay there or come down prematurely and lower salinity in Puget Sound like last winter? Cascade snowpack is currently below normal. The El Niño at the equator is still brewing! Major rivers transport large amounts of suspended sediments and soil into Puget Sound, also seen in our ferry sensor data. Our flight team gets in the pool for safety training.

Watch the video on the extreme flows of Snoqualmie River in 2015.

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Source images of the entire flight are located at:
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We hope the images are inspiring and informative.
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