Jun. 29, 2018 WEF-Proposed Stormwater Taskforce

Language Passes House Committee

On June 27th, the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee unanimously approved HR 3906, the Innovative Stormwater Infrastructure Act of 2... More

Jun. 28, 2018 West Point penalty to fund eelgrass restoration

Full value of Ecology fine for King County sewage plant violations applied to environmental projects

SEATTLE – The bulk of King County’s $361,000 state penalty for last year’s West Point sewage treatment plant failure will support a Puget Sou... More

Jun. 27, 2018 EPA Highlights Permit Streamlining Success

Efforts to expedite infrastructure projects

In support of the Trump Administration’s efforts to expedite infrastructure projects, EPA’s Smart Sectors program released a video, Best Practi... More

Jun. 27, 2018 Grant Opportunity

NRPA Great Urban Parks Campaign

Disclaimer: This announcement includes information from a third-party. The links and information are provided solely as a service to our users. W... More

Jun. 26, 2018 Brownfields 2018 BUILD Act

Comment solicitation

The Brownfields Utilization, Investment and Local Development (BUILD) Act was enacted on March 23, 2018 as part of the Consolidated Appropriations... More

Jun. 26, 2018 Alternative compliance frameworks

Market-based delivery/finance options to implement green stormwater infrastructure recommended for NOERSD

ECT recently completed a report that looked at market-based options to enable large-scale implementation of green stormwater infrastructure within... More

Jun. 22, 2018 Announcing rulemaking for Chapter 173-224 WAC

Water Quality Permit Fees

The Department of Ecology plans to amend Chapter 173-224 WAC – Water Quality Permit Fees. The purpose of this chapter is to establish a fee syste... More

Jun. 13, 2018 Eyes Over Puget Sound

Surface Condition Report

Surface condition report “May 22 and June 4, 2018" is now available. At a glance: Rainfall in May was extremely low: the third lowest a... More

Jun. 11, 2018 House Passes WRDA Bill

WEF Backed Stormwater Provision Included

On Wednesday, June 6th, the U.S. House of Representatives cleared the House version of the Water Resources Development Act of 2018, H.R. 8, (WRDA... More

Jun. 4, 2018 State Fiscal Year 2019 Final Water Quality Funding Offer List Available

View the interactive map of funded projects

We are pleased to announce the publication of the State Fiscal Year 2019 Final Water Quality Funding Offer List and Intended Use Plan (Final List).... More

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