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roadside ditch

Ditch Maintenance

Roadside ditches can help manage the flow and quality of stormwater and play an important role in clean water. These resources for maintenance and planning can make these simple, common features an important contributor to clean water. 
The Ditch Maintenance project includes: 
  • Refinement of ditch maintenance standards and enlarging the ditch maintenance toolbox
  • Assessment of the characteristics and condition of several of King County’s roadside ditches
  • A literature review on background data. 

King County, with members of the Regional Operations and Maintenance Program (ROADMAP) and Herrera Environmental Consultants and used the information from the field evaluation, literature review, and input from ROADMAP members to develop a ditch maintenance matrix, field guide, and fact sheets to improve maintenance, operations, and design. 

For field staff performing ditch maintenance: 

For administrative or office staff overseeing and providing direction for stormwater operations, maintenance, and/or stormwater capital projects: 

The project team also prepared a set of GIS and field data collection tools to support a roadside ditch inventory and assessment. These tools include: