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Step 11 – Annual Report

Annual Reporting Basics

  1. You must submit a complete and accurate Annual Report to the Department of Ecology no later than May 15th of each year using Ecology’s Water Quality Permitting Portal
  2. If you did not have permit coverage during the previous calendar year, an Annual Report is not required
  3. The annual report must include corrective action documentation as required in the permit. If corrective action is not yet completed at the time of submission of this annual report, you must describe the status of any outstanding corrective action(s).

The following corrective action information must be submitted in our annual report:
a. Identify the condition triggering the need for corrective action review.
b. Describe the problem(s) and identify the dates they were discovered.
c. Summarize any Level 1, 2, or 3 corrective actions completed during the previous calendar year and include the dates it completed the corrective actions.
d. Describe the status of any Level 2 or 3 corrective actions triggered during the previous calendar year, and identify the date it expects to complete corrective actions.

You must retain a copy of all annual reports onsite for Ecology review.



Annual Report Form

Reporting & Submittal Dates