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Step 4 – Assess Facility

Here’s a general list of materials that could cause polluted runoff if stored or used outside:

•Fuels, solvents, coolants, lubricants, and cleaners
•Raw, intermediate, and final products
•Metal – scrap and products
•Wastes and scrap materials
•Hazardous materials/wastes
•Processing or production operations
•Machining fluids
•Dust or residuals from bag houses or processes
•Galvanized building materials and structures
•Above-ground tanks for liquid storage

In addition, these industrial activities can also be a problem and contribute to contaminated stormwater:

•Outdoor storage activities
•Outside manufacturing areas
•Vehicle & equipment washing, maintenance and storage areas
•Loading and unloading operations
•Fueling of vehicles and equipment
•Other substance transfer areas
•Outdoor manufacturing or processing activities
•Onsite waste disposal practices
•Outside storage areas for raw materials, by-products, and finished products
•Grinding, cutting, degreasing, buffing, and brazing
•Industrial waste management areas (landfills, waste piles, treatment plants, disposal areas)

You should evaluate your facility by identifying pollution sources and eliminating as many as possible. The fewer pollution sources you have, the fewer you will have to control, manage, or treat. This will save you time and money in the long run.



Assessment of a Facility

Assess Facility for Pollutions Sources