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Business Source Control & Inspection Program

Project Purpose

Develop a source control program guidance manual and trainings to assist Western Washington Phase II permittees to implement new business inspection source control programs that comply with 2019-2024 NPDES Municipal Stormwater Permit requirements (S5.C.8). Materials and training information will be based on best management practices (BMPs) and lessons learned from existing Phase I and Phase II jurisdictions’ business inspection programs.

Funding provided by municipal stormwater permittees via the Stormwater Action Monitoring Program

Source Control Resources

An information search was conducted to determine resources and tools available through existing source control programs and organizations addressing pollution prevention such as local health or hazardous waste departments.

Online guidance manual

The guidance manual will be an online guidance tool formatted in sections sequenced by permit obligations. The manual content shall include sample inspection templates, checklists, BMPs and education and outreach materials to assist Phase II jurisdictions in the development and implementation of a business inspection and source control program.

*Priority sections code enforcement and inventory will be available Dec. 2021

Business inspection training

The curriculum will be developed for new municipal stormwater inspectors and as a staff refresher training using experienced municipal inspection program managers so that the material provides a peer-to-peer experience.

*Training schedule TBD in August of 2022