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Chapter 5: Conducting Business/Site Inspections

Chapter 5 of the Source Control (Business/Site) Inspection Program Guidance Manual (PDF) addresses the following topics:

  • Permit Requirements
  • Equipment and Materials
  • Guidance for New Inspectors
  • Inspection Process

The inspection process guidance includes:

  • Pre-inspection activities
  • Conducting the inspection
  • Follow-up activities

Source Control Online Resource Library (SCORL) 

Supplemental resources developed for this project related to Chapter 5 include:

Common actions from the Source Control Inspection Form Example have also been translated into the following languages: 

Additional supplemental resources for Chapter 5 include:



Inspection Form Examples 1-4

Unknown (part of original BIG Report)

Inspection Form Example 5

Santa Barbara County

Inspection Form Example 6

Sacramento County

Inspection Form Example 7

City of Seattle

Stormwater Management Manual for Western Washington


Water Quality Permitting and Reporting Information System (PARIS)


King County Surface Water Design Manual

King County

King County Stormwater Pollution Prevention Manual

King County

Seattle Stormwater Manual

City of Seattle

Tacoma Stormwater Management Manual

City of Tacoma

Pierce County Stormwater Management Manual and Site Development Manual

Pierce County

Clark County Stormwater Manual

Clark County

Snohomish County Drainage Manual

Snohomish County

WSDOT Highway Runoff Manual